Regularly checking your roof will save you time and money in the long run, as there are a few things you can do that will extend the life of your roof but what are the things you need to look out for which could be warning signs there are problems with your roof. 

Things to check for on a pitched roof 

There are two inspections you can carry out yourself before you contact a roofer, an internal and external inspection. 

Carry out an Internal Roof Inspection 

1. If you go into the loft space and there is light coming into the loft from the roof, there could be a missing slate/tile or there could be mortar that has failed around the ridge tiles, if it’s an old roof. 
2. A clear sign your roof has failed is when you have water damage inside your property, investigate in the loft space and see where the water is entering your property. 
3. There is mould build up inside the loft, which would suggest there is a leak coming into the loft. 

Carry out an External Roof Inspection 

1. Look at the quality of the roof slates or tiles, if there are missing or damaged tiles, this should be dealt with as a priority. 
2. Flat roofs tend to last up to 20 years so we recommend a roof inspection should be carried out annually if you suspect the roof is beginning to show signs of age. 
3. If there is a build-up of moss or algae on the roof, this should be cleared and a anti moss agent applied to the roof, we recommend a manual clean of the roof, jet washers can damage the tiles or slates and potentially tear the felt under the tiles. 
4. If you can see in the gutters and there is a build-up of moss or algae or you can see bits of slates or tiles in the gutters, this is a clear sign there is damage occurring on the roof. 
5. When you look up at the roof, is the roof sagging, this is a sign the roofing structure has been compromised or the weight on the roof is too heavy, this needs to be inspected by a professionally trained roofer. You may need the structure securing, as the roof could collapse. 
6. There is water pooling on the roof, sometimes when a flat roof fails you can see pooling of water on the flat roof, this can be a sign the roofing structure below has failed. 
7. Check the lead flashing around the upstands on a flat roof and around a chimney on the main roof, you are looking to see if has cracked or curled. 
How often should you check your roof? 
We would recommend inspecting your roof every 6 months, and reviewing the above list, think of it like any other regular checks you would carry out in your home, checking your roof, may prevent further issues building in the future. 
Selling your home and the survey has identified issues 
If you are selling your home and the surveyor has identified issues on the roof, this is a good time to have a roof inspection and get an idea of the costs involved and the life span of the roof. We carry out roof inspections on behalf of the home seller and the home buyer, these are a set price (based on the size and type of roof and your location) and include a full gallery of photographs. 
Call our offices to get a quotation for a roof survey. 
If you think you have spotted an issue with your roof and you are worried it may be showing signs of deterioration, contact our offices for a free no obligation quotation. 
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