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The current estimates in London are now 4 in 10 homes have a loft conversion. It has become the most cost-efficient way of increasing the floor space in your home and creating additional rooms. 
Most loft conversions add on extra bedrooms plus a bath and or shower room to support growing families and at the same time can also add value onto your home. 

Here are some of the benefits of having a loft conversion. 

Creates additional living space 
For the majority of people looking to get a loft conversion, they are doing it to create new living space. This is mainly due to younger children growing and needing their own space. But it can also be when a parent or parents return to the family home. And is some cases more recently with the need to create office space at home that doesn’t encroach on the family areas. 
There is also the opportunity to create quiet roof top gardens or seating areas, contact our office if you want to find out more about a loft conversion in West London where we created a seating area for the family where they are able to watch the sunset. 
• Increases the value of your home 
Most property owners tend not to invest in significant home improvements to increase the value of their home, but to increase the available floor space due to a growing family or nowadays the need to work from home. This may mean using an existing bedroom to create a home office and converting the loft space into a replacement bedroom. 
The bi product of this is usually an increase in value. There are several issues that can affect this, the location of the property, the type and style of the conversion and also how many additional rooms you are able to create in your new loft conversion. 
On average you could expect to see a 20% uplift in the value of your home 
There have been a variety of studies over recent years that has shown the majority of homes that add on a double bedroom will realise an increase of 20% inn their properties sale price. 
Are you better off adding an extension or getting a loft conversion? 
It is also worth reviewing the difference between adding an extension to your home or getting a loft conversion. Here is an excellent table produced by RESI, the online architectural platform, this gives the average value additional value by adding a loft conversion in comparison to a rear extension. 
Replace the rest of your roof at the same time 
It is a good time to get prices on replacing the tiles on the rest of your roof when you have the team of expert roofers working on your loft conversion. There may be the potential to buy better on the tiles and its reducing disruption getting the whole roof replaced at the same time. 
Is planning permission required for a loft conversion? 
In the majority of cases planning permission is not required for a loft conversion. Loft conversions usually fall under permitted development. It is worth visiting the Planning Portal and also make sure the area you live in has had permitted development removed. 
Working with an architect can help avoid any issues in the planning stage of your project. 
Will Building Control be required for a loft conversion? 
Building Control will be required for a loft conversion, a good quality builder will be advising you throughout the process and a building control inspector will visit the property at various stages of the process. 
• A loft conversion is much more energy efficient 
During the process of having your loft conversion you can use the opportunity to improve the energy efficiency in your home. Here are a few ideas of how you can use this time to improve your energy efficiency rating. 
• Energy efficient windows, look at a minimum of double glazing but also get prices and review triple glazing. 
• Look at increasing the insulation – you can go beyond building regulations recommendations 
• Use high performing LED lights and look to change the rest of your home at the same time. 
• Look at smart controls for your heating and make sure all of the radiators have thermostat control valves. 
• This might be the right time to review solar panels on your new roof, as energy costs increase, getting up to date information on the Feed In Tariffs, could be a way to help reduce your bills. 

There are various types of loft conversion to meet your individual needs  

There are really 4 types of loft conversions 
1. Rear Dormer 
2. Hip to Gable 
3. Mansard 
4. Velux 

To find out more about how we work call us today 

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