What are the checks you need to make to find a roofer you can rely on? 
The are several accreditations you need to be looking for when you are booking a roofer, even if you think it's only a small job. 
The most important industry accreditation for roofers is from the National Federation of Roofing Contractors. The NFRC is the largest and most influential Roofing Trade Association in the UK 
The NFRC review several criteria as part of the membership application process: 
• The roofing contractor must be compliant to all Health and Safety Legislation. 
• Satisfactory Employer and Public Liability insurance. 
• A site inspection to ensure roofers competence. 
• Office inspection to check processes. 
• Checks on all financial and trading records. 
• Must be able to demonstrate compliance with NFRC Code of Practice. 
All of the above criteria is in place to protect customers. 
The NFRC provide an excellent guide for homeowners who want to carry out roofing works, click here to request a printed copy. 
Which other accreditations should you be looking for? 
The other accreditation to look out for is from Which Trusted Trader 
There are again a clear set of checks the team at WTT take each business through but why is this an important accreditation for the customer? 
Its if things go wrong, the customer can move the complaint through to the Dispute Resolution Ombudsman. This is an independent not-for-profit organisation which specializes in alternative dispute resolution services for consumers and businesses. 
There is also the Confederation of Roofing Contractors (CORC) This is also a membership trade association and is widely used in the Roofing Industry. 
Competent Roofers will either be a member of the NFRC or the CORC, and customers are recommended to find a roofer who is a member of at least one of the schemes. 
Don’t take anything for granted 
The final suggestion and it may seem very simple: Check they have a website, and on the website, they have provided their company name, address, and company registration company number. This is a way to tell they are applying to the Code of Practice for the above accreditations. 
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